Wood powder coating process of the infrared coating applications

Issue Time:2011-12-05
         A painting system, powder infrared coating, dry, free-flowing, no solvent to maintain suspension of filler and binder. Powder coating tougher than other coating, production of aluminum and metal hard, durable complete. The painting system eliminates many of the paint companies, increased use of air pollution by volatile organic compounds.
  Wood pretreated substrate coating process will be completed on a simulated wood grain.
  Steel and stainless steel and other metal powder coating selected substrates. Metal unit, and then release the substrate of dust, rust, oil and plant size, may lead to surface defects, whether chemical cleaning or blast cleaning.
  A worker for either zinc or phosphate chemical conversion coating or pretreatment of the substrate surface of the substrate to protect and help the powder infrared coating adhere. He then repeatedly washing the substrate, and allow it to dry completely.
  Workers with high temperature tape, steel equipment, plugs and caps to cover areas where the coating does not include the thread may be in areas not suitable for painted correctly, the bearing surface must be maintained and any bare electrical ground contact point. Including high-temperature polyester film tape with silicone adhesive tape and glass, will not leave residue.
  Coating products safely placed in the rack, allowing the unit will remain stable, while the coating. Because the application will involve static treatment, the contact points on the rack must be kept clean to ensure good grounding.
  Powder coating is the most common application of electrostatic guns. Gun shot into a powder electrostatic charge and guide the workpiece ground powder.
  After the coated one, it is taken or convection curing oven, which is heated from 375 to 400 degrees F 15-20 minutes, or infrared oven infrared coating, energy transfer to the surface, resulting in two to powder adhere to eight minutes.