What material reflects infrared coating?

Issue Time:2011-09-20

   Infrared coating wavelengths of light paint range from 0.7 microns to 300 microns as part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most of the objects, most notably the sun's heat radiation emitted infrared light. Many different types of modern materials, due to its molecular composition reflects infrared light. These reflection characteristics, in the infrared technology play an important role in applications ranging from automotive, clothing.

   Aluminium is the most abundant metal found in the crust, Zhong in the industry the most common Jinzhu today. Aluminum is useful because of its infrared coating softness, durability and plasticity of the physical properties, chemical properties, it can be easily processed, casting, and to develop.

   In addition, aluminum, with a capacity to reflect infrared radiation. Infrared coating  reflective aluminum coating quality infrared heater makes it ideal for metal. When the aluminum coating to reflect infraredcoating heat and is heated for the product.