Infrared filter of the features

Issue Time:2010-11-08


  Infrared filter Set of fluid into the filter cartridge has a certain size, its impurities are blocked, The clean filtrate discharged from the filter outlet, when you need cleaning, simply remove the removable cartridge. Let's us see infrared filter of the features.
  Infrared filter of the features:

  1. Filter precision: the removal of suspended solids in water more than 95% of organic macromolecules, viruses, bacteria, colloids, iron and other impurities, the removal of a certain role, are well treated by coagulation treatment of water, water for the 10NTU, the effluent 1NTU the following.

  2. The filtering speed: typically 40m / h, up to 60m / h, an ordinary sand filter more than 3 times.