What role does IR filter

Issue Time:2010-07-28

?????IR filter is used infrared photography dark red filter. Color filter, if not too deep, will have a corresponding effect.

????? We have a basic understanding of the IR filter, IR filter would look at the role for it! Its function is to close out infrared light, from 700 ~ 1100NM, only to region 400-680 range of light transmission can be. Some of the camera above with two filters, a day use, an evening with, it will automatically switch. IR cut-off of the patch of the day, night by using the plot of a band. This cost of higher cost. Also possible that the use of a filter, which itself has two filter section of the curve peaks Youxiang filter.

???? Next, I'll introduce some information about the products it!

???? Application: infrared gas analysis, infrared cameras, night vision products, infrared detectors, infrared receiver, infrared flash, infrared sensor products.
???? Material: black glass, blue plate glass (transparent),
???? red glass square: 3mm ~ 125mm
???? round:: φ3mm ~ φ100mm Thickness: 0.3mm ~ 1.1mm to accept guests on custom size.
???? Spectral Data: transmission spectral range: 700nm ~ 1100nm,
???? Tave ≥80%
????? reflectance spectral range: 200nm ~ 680nm Tave ≤ 3%
???? specific wavelength range can be customized according to customer requirements.